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Gnome Quite a little interesting tidbit on Planet GNOME today. As we all know, the default file manager for the GNOME desktop is Nautilus. While there's nothing inherently wrong with it, it does have this odd interface where actually more screen space is dedicated to controls and buttons than to the actual part that matters: your files. As part of Ubuntu's Papercuts project, a fix has been worked on.
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RE: Comment by sicofante
by VistaUser on Tue 21st Jul 2009 19:20 UTC in reply to "Comment by sicofante"
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I don't quite get why "upstream" must have more decision power than Ubuntu. What happened to the open source paradigm where everyone can change things at will? "Upstream" is just another word for "bureaucracy" in Linux. I welcome the changes introduced by Ubuntu.

And you are welcome to do so. Just like upstream is welcome to reject them for many reasons (the current one hinted at in the blog being code quality - the current solution being hackish and upstream would have to maintain that code, build on it etc).

It's not like I'm in love with Ubuntu, but I'm definitely hoping they become a "Linux monopoly". I'm one of those who believe too many options at the base is the main illness in Linux and I'm ready to take Ubuntu as THE Linux platform.

The major problem with that is that if that happened it would also kill Linux - other major players actually contribute more to the ecosystem and if they are marginalised/killed off, who would be doing the heavy lifting for Ubuntu to ride the wave off?

Bad use of screen real estate is not just a Nautilus issue, it's a Gnome issue as a whole. They seem to believe everyone has huge monitors, so they don't need to do proper interface layout. They just throw insane amounts of white space around everything and think they're ready to go.

In design, whit space is very important. Besides, you are free to change your theme to something more minimal, or in settings for many programs choose to not show both text and icons. There are many ways to save screen real estate that people have the option to use, however personally I do agree with the gnome defaults, so that may make me biased.

(besides, if your opinion was the majority developer opinion, the defaults would have been changed by now.)

I suggest an experiment: install Windows or OS X on your laptop and you'll feel like its screen has suddenly and magically received more resolution from heaven.

Not all PC's are laptops. I like to have a large monitor and its screen estate to be well used thank you very much.

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