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Gnome Quite a little interesting tidbit on Planet GNOME today. As we all know, the default file manager for the GNOME desktop is Nautilus. While there's nothing inherently wrong with it, it does have this odd interface where actually more screen space is dedicated to controls and buttons than to the actual part that matters: your files. As part of Ubuntu's Papercuts project, a fix has been worked on.
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Pointless debate
by pooo on Tue 21st Jul 2009 21:16 UTC
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1)This is very much a matter of personal preference. Some people like all the buttons and have huge screens, some people don't.

2)The upstream developers are already updating the toolbar so you can customize it to look like whatever you want (including these mockups)

3)Everyone will be able to have it just they way they want.

One side point, toolbars in gnome in general don't have customizability and that is really weak. Apps that do have it did a lot of custom work to get it. Gnome should make it easy and default for *all* apps to have fully customizable toolbars (like qt4 and the entire rest of the world). I love gnome but the idea that nautilus developers have to hack in a new toolbar with this functionality is crazy.

One other side point, Dolphin is the #1 reason I never really gave KDE4 a chance. What a f-ing cluttered mess!!

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RE: Pointless debate
by KugelKurt on Wed 22nd Jul 2009 12:20 in reply to "Pointless debate"
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Dolphin is the #1 reason I never really gave KDE4 a chance. What a f-ing cluttered mess!!

Stop trolling. Dolphin is freely configurable. Which defaults are shipped is the responsibility of the distributor.

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