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Gnome Quite a little interesting tidbit on Planet GNOME today. As we all know, the default file manager for the GNOME desktop is Nautilus. While there's nothing inherently wrong with it, it does have this odd interface where actually more screen space is dedicated to controls and buttons than to the actual part that matters: your files. As part of Ubuntu's Papercuts project, a fix has been worked on.
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RE: One-size doesn´t fit all
by Delgarde on Tue 21st Jul 2009 21:21 UTC in reply to "One-size doesn´t fit all"
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22" monitors at 1680x1050 are very cheap and are slowly becoming the norm in much of the industrialized world.

There are increasingly more laptops being sold these days than desktops, and netbooks with tiny 9" or 10" displays are also becoming pretty popular. And I can certainly testify that the default file manager window on Ubuntu is bordering on unusable on a 1024x600 screen.

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Johann Chua Member since:

Yeah, I need at least 1024x768 to make GNOME bearable.

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