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Hardware, Embedded Systems This is one sad story to report on. Sun Danyong, 25-year-old employee at Chinese manufacturing company Foxconn, has committed suicide after being subjected to apparently rather rigorous interrogation methods by Foxconn's Central Security Division. Danyong handled a shipment of 16 iPhone prototypes, and one of them went missing. Update: Apple responds: "We are saddened by the tragic loss of this young employee, and we are awaiting results of the investigations into his death. We require our suppliers to treat all workers with dignity and respect."
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It is a problem that is greater than us as individuals

No, it's a problem only created by the sum of us individuals. An individual can break out of all this - not by dumping one company and going to the next one which is just as bad, but by getting the whole picture, maybe relying on "whitelists" of (more) ethical companies, controlled by independent organisations. You can shop organic and small-scale if you have learnt too much about the food industry, and maybe you are quite happy with *older* technology, bought second-hand (with the right software it might run faster than the new gadgets of others...). There is no pure white, but that shouldn't stop you from trying.

The big problem is that those who care are considered to be lunatics. Even in this article, Apple is blamed for doing business with Foxconn yet customers trying therefore to avoid Foxconn are called "holier-than-thou"...

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