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KDE The KDE project has announced that it has reached its one millionth commit to its Subversion repository, indicating that the KDE project is very healthy indeed. "This is a wonderful milestone for KDE," said Cornelius Schumacher, President of the KDE e.V. Board of Directors, "It is the result of years of hard work by a large, diverse, and talented team that has come together from all over the globe to develop one of the largest and most comprehensive software products in the world."
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It's just one example of a long list. Make a list of the most voted bugs and see how many are still open after long periods of time.

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Well, first of all your flippant "the number of bugs will be similar to the number of commits" is, of course, nothing but unhelpful hyperbole. There are about 22000 bugs in a project that encompasses hundreds of libraries and applications and at the last count, excluding extragear, about 5 million lines of code. Note that bugs and commits include extragear. This is actually a pretty impressive ratio.

Second, you attitude shows you don't know how a free software project operates. Your mind works in the corporate developers-are-exchangeable-resources model. That's completely inappropriate. It's even inappropriate for a corporate setting, but it doesn't apply at all here.

Nobody within KDE can reassign anyone to something. Nobody within KDE even wants to tell someone who shows up with his first plasma widget "don't commit it, first fix Paranoid Android's bug". We're way too happy having gained a new contributor.

And then, yes sometimes people leave bugs to fester for way too long. I'm guilty of that. I don't like it. There are Krita bugs that I have wanted to fix three years ago, and they are really nasty. But I'm not going to let Paranoid Android dictate my priorities. I reserve the right to fix an underlying problem first before tackling Paranoid Android's problem, a guy I don't even know and who engages in meaningless hyperbole and who very likely hasn't even participated in a small free software project, let alone one as big as KDE.

(And, for the record: I am still the fasters KDE bugfixer over the past year, with 2 minutes from bug to fix! So there!)

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There are about 22000 bugs in .... KDE..

It sure feels that way!

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