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Microsoft Sometimes, some things are just too good to be true. Earlier this week, Microsoft made a relatively stunning announcement that it would contribute some 20000 lines of code to the Linux kernel, licensed under the GPL. Microsoft isn't particularly fond of either Linux or the GPL, so this was pretty big news. As it turns out, the code drop was brought on by... A GPL violation.
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A Cancer?
by slashdev on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 13:16 UTC
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I remember reading ages ago that microsoft felt the GPL was some kind of cancer, that will creap into your code and force commercial companies to give out code they otherwise would not have, like some kind of code vampire....I guess ballmer was right, sorry to doubt you buddy!

The irony is Microsoft could have just used crappy linux drivers. or ignored linux all together, only supporting BSDs instead.

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RE: A Cancer?
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 15:12 in reply to "A Cancer?"
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When you make a virtualization product, you can't really afford to ignore linux. There are other competitors in the market, some of which are virtually free. Not supporting the most popular server OS, would limit them to Microsoft only servers (sorry Free BSD isn't as popular as it used to be in the server arena).

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RE: A Cancer?
by OddFox on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 17:16 in reply to "A Cancer?"
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I must have missed the part where everyone said HyperV itself was going to be released under the GPL, as opposed to, you know, the offending pieces of code mentioned. You're right, the GPL is pretty viral in this particular instance. I sure can't wait until I get to download all the source and compile it myself, and I have RMS to thank for his effective and cancerous license!

Lay on a little more FUD there, bud.

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RE: A Cancer?
by eantoranz on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 19:20 in reply to "A Cancer?"
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The problem with that frase is that GPL doesn't creep by itself .... it is crept by developers (in this case, Microsoft's developers, shall we say?) in their code. Nobody forces people to use GPL code. If you don't like the GPL, then take a hike and write your own code and place whatever license you want on it, dude.

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RE: A Cancer?
by redbeard on Fri 24th Jul 2009 15:02 in reply to "A Cancer?"
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Soooo if I use some MS code to write a driver and then I have to comply with their licensing requirements, I can cry that the MS licensing is a cancer on all software?

It really is simple if you don't want to comply with the GPL requirements don't use any GPL'ed code.

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