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Apple It seems Apple is on a roller coaster ride this week, going from bad news to good news, back to bad news again. A local television station from Seattle, US, forced the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the Freedom Of Information Act to hand over an 800-page report about fire hazards posed by Apple's iPod music players. Experts on consumer safety agree that it's time Apple makes public statements about the fire hazards posed by iPods.
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Well, the only display resolution available in system preferences is 1024x768 and I have found no way to manually specify the supported resolution.

Don´t get me wrong, I have found OS X very stable, but I am not yet convinced of its viability given the lack of support for a lot of standard hardware that works easily in Linux and Windows. I love the monitors I have and I am not about to throw them out and buy Apple branded ones.

We are Linux integrators and have been doing Linux and Windows support for years. Yes, I used OS X for about a year to do web development four years ago. So we are not experts on OS X, but we are techies and OS X is sold as being really easy to use an should´t require an expert anyway.

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I'm sorry you're having this problem. I've also been frustrated when I've felt that Apple has obfuscated some kind of function presumably in the name of making it more friendly for the n00bs. Usually, I'm able to find that someone somewhere who's smarter than me has already created a fix. Before you give up, you should search out some of the 3rd party screen resolution utilities like this one:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a shot later today.

My display issues have been the only real showstopper so far.

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