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Editorial So, Microsoft submits 20000 lines of code to the Linux kernel, all licensed under the GPL. Microsoft, who considers Linux a great threat, and once called the GPL a "cancer". Opinions on this one are flying all around us, but what does Linus Torvalds, Linux' benevolent dictator, think about all this?
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I followed the OpenXML conflict pretty closely. Microsoft was not caught bribing any ISO body. The even you're referring to is probably the one which happened in Sweden.

In that circumstance, Microsoft itself reported an inappropriate offer by an employee, who didn't know better, to give marketing benefits to partner companies for joining that national body. The situation was reported voluntarily by Microsoft, the offers were withdrawn very soon after they were sent, and it's unlikely that it had an effect on the outcome.

I'd say that's a pretty honest way for the company to behave given that a mistake was made by an employee.

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If you followed the OpenXML conflict pretty closely then you know that MS subverted the process and pushed through an unusable "standard" (unusable even for MS). Now they continue to abuse ISO and are trying to revise the standard to match their product, to the detriment of any possible competitor.

I don't have a problem with a company pushing their agenda, but MS in my opinion, goes much further too often. All one has to do is review their history of abusing their "business partners" and people and organizations that are in the way. So one should be extra careful when dealing with MS.

That said I use MS products as well as Linux products.

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You ought to consider some viewpoints not derived from Groklaw or the NoOOXML crowd. OpenXML is not a perfect standard, but it's quite usable and specifies almost all constructs you will see in a conforming document. On what basis do you think the standard is "unusable even by Microsoft?"

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