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Windows Vista Beta 1 and Longhorn Server Beta 1 include a new implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite known as the Next Generation TCP/IP stack. The Next Generation TCP/IP stack in Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn is a complete redesign of TCP/IP functionality for both IPv4 and IPv6 that meets the connectivity and performance needs of today's varied networking environments and technologies. Elsewhere, will Office 12 be named... Office Mondo?
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by Nex6 on Wed 28th Sep 2005 15:52 UTC
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they rewrite there TCP/ip stack, which in the old days they took form BSD. then they evolve it to what we have today which is a mess, so they do a rewrite to clean it up and make sure IPv6 is fully supported and stuff .

so they call this next gen TCP/IP?


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RE: wooo
by MobyTurbo on Thu 29th Sep 2005 02:10 in reply to "wooo "
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It's a myth that MS took their TCP/IP stack from BSD, they only took some userland tools such as ftp and telnet from BSD. BTW, IPv6 has been supported by *BSD TCP/IP stacks for a long time... possibly it was the first to implement ipv6.

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