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Editorial Every few years we geeks have our own kind of popcorn show to watch: tech companies showing teeth to one another. This time around, it's Palm vs Apple. In all seriousness though, how ethical is the battle around iTunes?
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iTunes is open - stock standard XML that ANYONE can write an app to interface with.

I have seen this being mentioned in several comments now. But there is something I don't understand or might be misinterpreting, so maybe you can help clarifying it.

My understanding or intepretation of "write an app" is that there are facilities allowing 3rd party applications to access the data usually controlled through iTunes.

What I am not understanding is how this 3rd party software is being integrated into iTunes. Is this like an import/export plugin that gets activated in iTunes when a device of the 3rd party vendor attaches?

Or does it launch some service in the background and the users see their data being modified in iTunes?
It that's the case, how does iTunes display progress information, etc?

Well, there is one more possible interpretation that I can come up with, i.e. not using iTunes at all but a different GUI, but that would hardly count as syncing a device with iTunes, so it has to be one of the other two or an option I am currently not thinking about.

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