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Editorial Every few years we geeks have our own kind of popcorn show to watch: tech companies showing teeth to one another. This time around, it's Palm vs Apple. In all seriousness though, how ethical is the battle around iTunes?
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by AdamW on Sat 25th Jul 2009 20:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by D3M0N"
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"Anyhow, Palm has it all backwards. It's not like everyone used iTunes and loved it so much that they bought an apple device. They loved the device so much that they put up with iTunes."

Er...that's exactly the problem, and Palm doesn't have it backwards. Precisely because lots of people have iPods, they've already invested time and money getting a database of content in iTunes, and it's therefore a significant problem for the Pre if it can't sync with that. That would be a big reason for people to buy an iPhone instead of a Pre.

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