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Opera Software Last week, the European Commission announced that Microsoft is willing to implement a browser ballot screen in Windows so that users can select a browser to install when installing Windows or when setting up their OEM computer. While this makes Opera very happy, Opera would like to see Ubuntu and Apple offer such a ballot screen too.
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RE: problem with opera
by deathshadow on Mon 27th Jul 2009 16:04 UTC in reply to "problem with opera"
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... and another person who makes a claim about Opera that apparently never used it.

Bloated? Even WITH united Opera 10 beta, the most 'bloated' version has a memory footprint equal to firefox (around 38 megs with only google open), doesn't chew memory as fast (first five articles for OSNews open in Opera, 89 megs, first five articles for OSNews open in FF, 110 megs)... and let's talk distribution size:

FF 3.5

7.7 megs Windows
9.5 megs Linux

Features: Allows you to install extensions

Opera 9.64 -

5.4 megs English Windows
7.2 megs Internationalized Windows
7.5 megs Linux (x64 .deb)

Features: mouse gestures, flip navigation, mail client, bittorrent client, widgets engine, user javascript, adblock, speed dial, custom launch buttons, trash, session saving, dragonfly, "The Wand", etc, etc.

Opera 10 Beta -

6.7 Megs Windows
7.5 megs Linux (x64 .deb)

As above, but add more speed dial options, Opera Unite, improved dragonfly, Opera Turbo, inline spell check (was actually in previous versions all the way back to 7.2 but you had to install ASpell separately to make it work, now it's integrated)

Oh yes, but at a megabyte smaller distribution with more built in features Opera is "Bloated" - RIGHT. Tell me another one Josephine.

Of course Google is smart enough to hide their bloat behind a download manager ;)

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