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Bugs & Viruses Adobe Flash. It's everywhere. Not all of us want it, but many are forced into submission simply because it's weaseled its way into a myriad of applied and common uses. This just makes all the worse the news that a vulnerability in Adobe Flash, Reader, and Acrobat applications is allowing malcontents to exploit computers with these products installed.
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Gullible Jones
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MAC = Mandatory Access Control, where applications run with only the privileges they need in order to perform a task, as opposed to all the privileges of the user that runs them. (As far as I understand it anyway.) Examples include UAC on Windows Vista/7, and AppArmor, SELinux, Tomoyo, SMACK, and grsecurity on Linux. Also on Windows, I think some HIPS/firewall software can enforce MAC-like policies if the OS doesn't support it (as in Windows XP).

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I would have said Media Access Control, as pertains to networking.

Back to the topic, one thing Flash has open web standards is a comprehensive IDE to develop with. Is there an equivalent tool to develop rich web sites with HTML, CSS and Javascript?

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