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Bugs & Viruses Adobe Flash. It's everywhere. Not all of us want it, but many are forced into submission simply because it's weaseled its way into a myriad of applied and common uses. This just makes all the worse the news that a vulnerability in Adobe Flash, Reader, and Acrobat applications is allowing malcontents to exploit computers with these products installed.
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Gullible Jones
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Moonlight is available for Linux...

Although I see what you mean about the binary codecs. Also, software patents are stupid, stifle innovation, and generally deserve to die horribly.

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darknexus Member since:

Moonlight is available for Linux...

And barely supports some of Silverlight 2.0's features, let alone those of 3.0... not to mention Microsoft could effectively flip the killswitch on it whenever they wish. Like Gnash and Swfdec on the Flash side of things, Moonlight is doomed to constantly play catch-up and, even worse, is at Microsoft's mercy (at least Gnash and Swfdec can't be killed by Adobe). Not good at all for an open web experience, and that's not even bringing the binary codecs into the mix.

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shotsman Member since:

And have you tried to actually use Moonlight?
I did once.
The site I went to didn't recognise Moonlight and suddenly, I was on a Microsoft site where I was being asked if I wanted to download Silverlight for Windows. Naff all use to me as I was using Linux.
IMHO, Silverlight should die a horrible death. It is nothing more than the latest Microsoft Lockin device.
As the functionality in Moonlight is always lagging that in Silverlight, it is easy for Redmond to keep the usefulness of Moonlight down to almost absolute zero.
At least I can get Flash on Windows, Linux & OS/X even if it is a pile of steaming do poo (but less smelly than the Silverlight one next door)

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