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Bugs & Viruses Adobe Flash. It's everywhere. Not all of us want it, but many are forced into submission simply because it's weaseled its way into a myriad of applied and common uses. This just makes all the worse the news that a vulnerability in Adobe Flash, Reader, and Acrobat applications is allowing malcontents to exploit computers with these products installed.
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Um, that would be the worst outcome imaginable for anyone who doesn't use Windows.

This is not true, Moonlight is a good implementation of silverlight, runs on linux, solaris, windows and BSD. Only problem is the codecs, but moonlight do provide for most free codecs.
Flash does not support free codecs and is the worst possible scenario.

The web should use open standards, and thankfully there's been progress towards this end in recent years.

Yes agreed, some progress has been made.

Silverlight would undo all the good that has been done in this area were it to gain prominence, and would give Microsoft a second shot at locking in the web like they attempted to do with ActiveX. I don't think one needs to imagine too hard to see where things would go from there, look at Windows and IE when Microsoft had no real competition.

Where do you get this stuff from? ActiveX was not Microsoft's attempt at "dominance" but an alternative to java applets and like applets was a flawed implementation.

Having to lie in order to come up with some stupid anti Microsoft arguments just makes you look paranoid.

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