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Apple The news just broke that Apple has rejected the official upcoming Google Voice application, and stopped distributing the third party "GV" application, an app that was previously authorized. Read on for a quick commentary, from the point of view of not an Apple or Google fangirl, but from someone who genuinely appreciates VoIP SIP (even if Google Voice itself is not VoIP, read on). For those who have read my blog over the years, would probably remember my VoIP-related rants since 2005. UPDATE: A more direct, more personal, reply from me to Apple and AT&T.
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The iPhone is lagging behind every other phones in the same price range. Look at the "new" iPhone 3Gs. It can record videos! At $300, it sure should better take high quality videos like so many phones do at cheaper than $100!

Well, I know what people think, that safari is like the second coming of jesus christ and that pinching is so cool and all, but I think some people are watching too much adverts.

In my opinion, the people who buy the iPhone are not likely to use Google Voice anyway. They're not into saving money.

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I use an iPhone, and I need Google Voice. I got the iPhone unlocked, using AT&T's "pay as you go" service. I don't have a contract because I don't need it (I use the cell network very little, I mostly use landlines). I use the iPhone because I love its UI, it has the most usable UI than any other smartphone.

So both iPhone and Google Voice are not mutually exclusive.

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For the moment it seems they are...

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Interesting ... I didn't know the Iphone was availibe pay as you go.

Do you think it would work to buy it, swap in my att sim card? I might consider the iphone, if I wasn't forced to pay for the data plan. My regular att cell plan is fine.

Also, anyone know if you can block the data service so it will only ever use wifi?

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Why would you buy an iPhone in the first place?

You can't.
You can only rent them from Apple.
These renters are sheep.

Stop complaining. It won't do anything. Apple hates developers. Apple hates users who are anything more than mindless consumers (sheep).

Do something about it and buy an Android phone. Once enough people buy an Android phone Apple will allow VoIP applications and all of the Apple FanBoi's (who are not surprisingly missing from comments on this article probably because it makes too much sense) will be able to pretend like it was there all along and start bashing Android.

But seriously, keep buying Apple stuff. I need AAPL to hit $163.00 so I can sell the 6 shares I bought for $160 in January 2008 and break even after fees. I was just kidding. Apple is great. You're not sheep. You're hip and cool.

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