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Apple The news just broke that Apple has rejected the official upcoming Google Voice application, and stopped distributing the third party "GV" application, an app that was previously authorized. Read on for a quick commentary, from the point of view of not an Apple or Google fangirl, but from someone who genuinely appreciates VoIP SIP (even if Google Voice itself is not VoIP, read on). For those who have read my blog over the years, would probably remember my VoIP-related rants since 2005. UPDATE: A more direct, more personal, reply from me to Apple and AT&T.
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... and we're suprised by what exactly?
by deathshadow on Tue 28th Jul 2009 18:47 UTC
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I'll be honest, I was completely floored when I found out skype was available for the iPhone, because allowing it, especially NOT forcing it to only work over the non-wifi connection (therein making it still charge you against the data rate) flies COMPLETELY in the face of Apple's business model...

Let's be honest, NOBODY is more rigid in their vendor lock-in than Apple... as I've said many times if a PC vendor tried half the shit that Apple sleazes through doing with nobody batting an eye, you'd hear it bemoaned from the highest rooftops.

Take a buddy of mine as an example - or as I can him dumbass. Went out and blew his entire wad on one of the bottom end $2600 MacPro's. A year later he decides he wants something more than the crappy little 7300GT the stupid thing shipped with... and damned near crapped himself when he saw that all the 'mac editions' of the video cards cost $100 to $200 more than the PC ones (assuming you can even FIND a Mac Edition). Spends two and a half grand on a computer that "can't" even support a normal video card?

So I say bullshit and give him my 8800GTS I wasn't using anymore for testing with some instructions... and OSX refuses to see it as anything but VESA 3 until we manually edit the damned KEXT.

Is the compatibility issue with using just any PC video card an electrical one? Of course not it's an x16 card... Is it anything REAL to do with the firmware or drivers, indirectly but not really. It's ENTIRELY that Apple ships without listing all the proper ID Strings in the KEXT.

Seriously, the difference between a EVGA 01G-P3-1180-AR GTX 285 ($330ish) and the "Mac Edition" EVGA 01G-P3-1080-TR GTX285 ($450ish) is what exactly? Oh that's right, a different vendor ID string and Apple gets a kick-back on the sale.

Hardly surprising for a company with the balls to charge $150 a pop for a GT 120, a card that under the hood is just a relabeled Ge 9400 GT a card with a street price of $40... or to charge $200 to go FROM a GT 120 to a 512 meg Radeon HD 4870, a card with a street of $126. Hell I'm shocked they don't use non-standard plugs for the RAM and hard drives anymore

It would be like GM telling you that you can only have your car repaired with AC Delco parts right down to the wiper blades. You pull that shit in ANY other industry you'd get slapped down faster than a cop in Zsa Zsa's driveway... But no, because it's Apple and their fans are dumb enough to pay anything if it's shiny with an Apple logo on it, it's suddenly ok.

Vendor lock-in has been been Apple's bread and butter since the original Mac was released, so the shocker certainly isn't them blocking Google Voice, it's them even allowing Skype in the first place - as that flies against EVERYTHING Apple stands for...

So I agree with what someone else said already, Apple MUST be getting some sort of financial kick-back from Skype - as that would be VERY much their style.

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