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Internet & Networking We've been talking about the browser ballot screen for a while now, which led to some obvious questions we couldn't answer. As it turns out (and I completely missed this), Microsoft actually posted a fairly detailed description of its proposal [.doc] on its website last Friday. It details everything from what it means not to have Internet Explorer installed to what the ballot screen will look like.
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I would like to see similar ballot box when I install your favourite ubuntu or pclos or mepis etc

Already exists on most distros.

i would like to see you guys demand ballot box for tires, windshield, colors etc when you buy a new car at GM or toyota

It's been a long time since I shopped for a new car, but last time I did I could chose tires and colour. I doubt things have changed.

I would like to see you guys demanding ballot box for onions, lettuce, tomatos, bread when buying chicken sandwitch at Mcdonalds..

I haven't been to McDonalds in years and years, but all hamburger joints I do go let me chose exactly what I want on my burgere.

I would like to see you guys demanding ballot box forr shirt buttons or pant zippers when you buy cloths.

Most clothes brands offer a range of options in shirts and pants, some with buttons some with zippers so again plenty of choice. And even if one brand doesn't offer what you're looking for the is no interoperability problems with buying shirts and pants from different vendors. Also most shirt vendors are happy to sell you just a shirt and don't demand that you also buy their pants if you don't need them. And even if I can't find any vendors offering a shirt that I like, there plenty of people who can quickly and easily make me shirt to my exact specifications without any problems.

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