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Internet & Networking We've been talking about the browser ballot screen for a while now, which led to some obvious questions we couldn't answer. As it turns out (and I completely missed this), Microsoft actually posted a fairly detailed description of its proposal [.doc] on its website last Friday. It details everything from what it means not to have Internet Explorer installed to what the ballot screen will look like.
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Will you buy pant without zippers or car without tires..that is my point of difference between GPL and cruel business world.....
You have to accept whatever Microsoft offer at their stated price. You cannot demand whatever you like...
"I would like to see similar ballot box when I install your favourite ubuntu or pclos or mepis etc."

many linux installers give you said options already.
---NO, ubuntu, pclos etc dont give you choice to install browsers like FF, opera etc or openoffice vs abiword while installing the distro on HD. You get what they bundle in .iso file. You can happily 'uninstall anything' afterwards..
"i would like to see you guys demand ballot box for tires, windshield, colors etc when you buy a new car at GM or toyota"

have you ever been to an automotive companies website? most allow for customization.
---NO, you have to select from what 'they' offer. you cannot demand your choice of pink or yellow color

"I would like to see you guys demanding ballot box for onions, lettuce, tomatos, bread when buying chicken sandwitch at Mcdonalds."

go to a sit down and order off a menu resturant, then you can make such requests, i know, i've done it ;) . Hell even fast food joints typically understand a request for "No _________" (where ______ = what you don't want).
--NO AGAIN. You cannot ask Mcdonalds to put your choice of roma tomatos or red onions. You have to 'select' from whatever 'they offer'

"I would like to see you guys demanding ballot box for shirt buttons or pant zippers when you buy cloths."

you mean cutome tailerd clothing? my god, if only there were such a thing. oh wait, there is, its the thing i just said.
---NO custom tailered shirts and pants are thing of past, because it is expensive finally, time consuming, and not worth of fitting and linux installation vs tailer-made windows.

thanks for playing...

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---NO, ubuntu, pclos etc dont give you choice to install browsers like FF, opera etc

Well, the Debian installer allows you to select packages right from the installer. Use Debian ;) Yes, it's my favourite, if you couldn't tell ;)

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