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Internet & Networking We've been talking about the browser ballot screen for a while now, which led to some obvious questions we couldn't answer. As it turns out (and I completely missed this), Microsoft actually posted a fairly detailed description of its proposal [.doc] on its website last Friday. It details everything from what it means not to have Internet Explorer installed to what the ballot screen will look like.
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Not going to be a ballot for everything
by Yamin on Tue 28th Jul 2009 21:58 UTC
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There's not going to be a ballot for everything.

The EU is being a bit of pain. That's for sure. I personally don't see anything wrong with any bundling, not conforming to standards... Yes, i know many here think you must be satan not to conform to web standards... but I don't. Let's leave it at that. I'd like to leave it to people and customers to push for things to get done.

That said... the things the EU are pushing back on are things we would consider platforms on their own. Things that *could* create an entirely new market and they don't want that market tied to a single OS.

It doesn't take a genius to see the web browser as a new platform for application.

It doesn't seem that important now, but back when they pushed back against media players, that was also seen as a platform to distribute media. Sadly, MS did such a terrible job of developing it into a platform ;)

Do I think this option will help users? Not really. Should this option be provided more towards OEMs (Dell, HP...) absolutely. At least the OEM's would be responsible for supporting the product and choice of web browser in that case.

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