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KDE For a very long time now, I've been on the hunt for a distribution that really put a lot of effort into their KDE4 implementation. This has been a frustrating search, full of broken installations, incredibly slow performance, and so many visual artifacts they made my eyes explode. Since KDE 4.3 is nearing release, I had to pick up this quest in order to take a look at where 4.3 stands - and I found a home in the KDE version of Fedora 11. Read on for a look as to where KDE 4.3 currently stands.
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RE[4]: KDE almost ready...
by stabbyjones on Tue 28th Jul 2009 23:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: KDE almost ready..."
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Nice to hear that, someone liking it. I can't see myself using activities to launch documents and apps in a daily basis. Seems too intrusive to me.

I think it would be easier to see it as some strange kind of start menu mixed in with a tab switcher that controls desktops and windows.

It doesn't seem any more intrusive than using something like gnome-do. and it's not like you won't still have a file manager.

Sounds like you have more of a problem with Gnome Zeitgeist than with the shell.

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