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Windows "Windows 7 Ultimate has been cracked. The pirate milestone, reached almost three months before Windows 7 is set to hit General Availability on October 22, 2009, was achieved via OEM instant offline activation that passes Windows Genuine Advantage validation and keeps the operating system permanently activated. Previous cracks weren't as solid: while they may be working now, they can easily be disabled by Microsoft. This one won't be so easy."
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Still needs an OEM bios crack or bootloader
by Morph on Thu 30th Jul 2009 09:46 UTC
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Seems that to use the leaked keys, one would need to use a bootloader to patch the bios SLIC area to fool Windows 7 into thinking it is running on a signed OEM pc. This is the same method used to bypass Vista activation, eg by the vstaldr crack. The news, then, is that a key has been leaked, not that a new crack or bypass method has been found. But it was inevitable that such a key would surface eventually.

Here's the original article from mydigitallife:

Edit: One other point of interest is that the single leaked product key works for *all* OEMs, compared to leaked keys for Vista where a different key was needed depending on which OEM's SLIC certificate was being faked.

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Why couldn't you just patch a SLIC table into your actual BIOS? That's what people have been doing with Vista.

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There is a loader hack by Orbit 33 making the rounds atm

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