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Apple The discussion around whether or not jailbreaking iPhones should be exempt from the DMCA has just reached a level of ridiculousness that words can't really describe any longer. As some of you might know, Apple and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are in a tussle with one another over whether or not the US Copyright Office should put an exemption in the DMCA allowing the jailbreaking of iPhones. Apple's reasoning for why no exemption should be made is rather... Over-the-top.
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RE[2]: Apple Just Irks Me!
by gfolkert on Thu 30th Jul 2009 15:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Apple Just Irks Me!"
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Didn't think it was a usability nightmare? Let me guess, you think Linux is the crown of Usability?

I dunno... I've been using Linux since 1995... and right now I use it exclusively to get things done.

I've not got problems with Mice, Laptops, Wireless, Video, Encryption, Disk Utilization, Audio, DVDs, CDs, keyboards, work-flow, e-mail, "office applications", collaboration, groupware connectivity, using networked resources, Using multiple displays from a laptop (without using multiple video cards or outputs) Blue-tooth *just works*, my packaging system is great, I'm using the laptop to its fullest. Virtualization is very pleasant and works... I've got the ability to run a COMPLETE development environment on my machine, easily. I can remotely connect to dang near anything?

What is this "usability" issue you have? I think its centered on ... something you won't address.

Remember, Linux is VERY friendly. Its just picky about its friends.

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