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Editorial I think I'd like to start an internet movement. Due to Apple's recent actions regarding the Google Voice app, I intend to criticize Apple every day at OSNews for 1984 days, or until they perform a very subtle and simple act of contrition. I'd like to enlist the help of every tech journalist, blogger, twitterer, Facebook denizen, and person who ever talks to another person. I'm that girl in the running shorts with the hammer, people! I'm throwing the hammer at the big creepy guy on the screen! We don't have to be slaves anymore! Read on for the full manifesto.
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There's a reason why i don't own an iphone/ipod/imac/ietc.

I don't agree with the way Apple operates.
I don't agree with lock in and secrecy.
I don't agree with their marketing and spin.
I don't agree with the fervor fans have for what is essentially the same thing offered by everyone else.
I don't agree with the lack of freedom i would have with any Apple device.

So because of those things i will not even consider Apple products. Anyone (especially on osnews) who didn't realise that this was going to happen with the iphone was kidding themselves.

So if you don't like the way Apple has handled the iphone you shouldn't have bought one in the first place.

If you bought one because it's a good phone and then remembered that you don't agree with the way Apple has handled things, you have already spent money and they don't care what you think anymore.

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Hear! hear!

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100% quoted for the truth.

I'm sort of torn about apple myself. I bought my wife an Ipod and she uses it daily - mainly for running activities (Nike's add on) and frankly it does have a handy, friendly interface and its remarkably simple. I will pay extra to not have to do tech support for products after they are purchased.

But for myself - the thought that someone is going to buy a $500 plus phone, and then lock them selves into a certain network just means they have more money than brains. Theses are the same people who bought Blue Ray players immediately and don't mind paying a massive premium for every BR movie they buy, instead of waiting a year or two.

My Canadian $.15 cents


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So if you don't like the way Apple has handled the iphone you shouldn't have bought one in the first place.

While voting with one's wallet is certainly to be encouraged, kicking them in the groin, in addition, yields that extra measure of effectiveness, and is eminently more satisfying.

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