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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless We've talked about Creative's brand-new Stemcell computing platform before. They developed a new processor, the ZMS-05, which consists of two ARM-926 cores, and 48 programmable 'processing elements' which can develop in real-time into performing any of the specialised acceleration functions needed by modern computing. In addition, the system-on-chips, called Zii, could be linked together freely, achieving teraflop speeds on a sheet of A4 paper. Back then, they claimed that a Zii could easily playback HD content (even on HDTVs). They put the Zii in a iPod Touch-like device, and their promises turned out to be true.
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by _df_ on Fri 31st Jul 2009 00:06 UTC
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well createive didnt develop squat, 3d realms extend their OLD processor the DMS-02.

the dual arm is nothing new and the zms-05 is not all that exciting compared to any other arm licensee's SOC. They are not even using new arm cores just old 926's.

the newer TI cores are more interesting than the zii.

the dms-02 was interesting at the time but didn't score any major design wins and so far, neither has the zms-05. creative is all about the hype "stemcell computing! rawk!" and no meat "lets make an iphone touch clone!"

it needs a) a die shrink, b) speed increase, c) expanded memory address space (1gb? pshaw).

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RE: pshaw
by divide_by_zero on Sat 1st Aug 2009 04:04 in reply to "pshaw"
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Hey Itouhg that was very interesting, but if you say so... Can you point to more information about these processors?? :]

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