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Microsoft With Apple doing really, really well, and with Microsoft having its first sets of negative figures since the company's founding, Microsoft CEO points his arrows towards Cupertino. In a talk to members of the press and analyst community, Ballmer talked about Microsoft vs. Apple.
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Refusing to let go. Apple never did that, got rid of Carbon in favour of Cocoa, and after the moaning died down, people went back to work to make more great stuff. That is why OS X is so good, they trimmed that fat by removing old, crappy code.

Just to be pedantic, Apple hasn't gotten rid of Carbon yet. It's not even deprecated. But it's essentially on its way out. Most of Apple's apps are now Cocoa (with the exception of iTunes and maybe Quicktime) as of Snow Leopard.

But I fully agree, they do like to cut the cruft and it makes for a very lean and tight system.

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