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Microsoft With Apple doing really, really well, and with Microsoft having its first sets of negative figures since the company's founding, Microsoft CEO points his arrows towards Cupertino. In a talk to members of the press and analyst community, Ballmer talked about Microsoft vs. Apple.
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RE: Gah
by dagw on Fri 31st Jul 2009 16:59 UTC in reply to "Gah"
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Their track record is rubbish, their current line is even bigger rubbish - Where the bloody blue HELL do people get this impression of quality?!?

Packaging and presentation. Everything about Apple computers just says quality. The sleek stores, the design of the packaging, the case and layout of the components. It just feels like a high quality luxury product.

The fact that this is all smoke and mirrors and that their actual hardware is as mediocre as most others is neither here nor there. It's all in presentation.

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RE[2]: Gah
by deathshadow on Fri 31st Jul 2009 18:23 in reply to "RE: Gah"
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Packaging and presentation.

Which has NOTHING to blow my skirt up.

The sleek stores

50 cent a yard wall to wall carpeting with white laminate furniture that looks like it came from walmart and goes together with a hex wrench does NOT impress me, much less feel like 'luxury'. The apple stores have all the 'luxury' of your average Hospital waiting room.

the design of the packaging, the case and layout of the components. It just feels like a high quality luxury product.

Funny, to me it feels like all the aesthetic sense of a hospital ward. Bland glossy whites and aluminum/brushed steel finishes, I'm looking around for the doctor with the giant needle.

So I don't understand that aspect of it either... They want to make me feel like luxury how about some dark mahoganies and cherries, plush Victorian loungers, green marble counter-tops.

I shouldn't go into the place and feel like some creepy guy is slapping on a rubber glove and asking if my movements are normal... which oddly is exactly what happens when they tell you the price.

But what do I know, I consider Kobe beef to be rancid swill and will take a good domestic T-bone instead any day... I consider Ikea furniture to be rinky overpriced crap, I'll take stuff from the natural wood furniture store around the corner any day... and I'm actually smart enough to know the Prius actually does more environmental damage than a Hummer.

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