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Microsoft With Apple doing really, really well, and with Microsoft having its first sets of negative figures since the company's founding, Microsoft CEO points his arrows towards Cupertino. In a talk to members of the press and analyst community, Ballmer talked about Microsoft vs. Apple.
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RE: Apple and high qualtiy
by REM2000 on Fri 31st Jul 2009 17:18 UTC in reply to "Apple and high qualtiy"
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the apple store in london use imac's as point of sale computers. These things run day and night, as do the demo machines.

Ive yet to see one of them go down, i asked (admittedly a bias view) one of the sales clerks what the failure rate and he said that the imac tills have yet to break down.

I personally own three mac computers, 1 desktop pc and 1 windows laptop. The windows pc's are good work horses as are the mac's however i find that i am more productive on the mac. This of course is my personal opinon, ive yet to have any of the mac's fail.

Microsoft and many of it's partners make their money through bulk get em in and then shove em out quick. If you want a premium pc then prices are usually the same if not more than the mac. Of course no mac is going to compete with the bottom end market, which with the race in technology can perform mostly 90% of tasks users require.

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