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Apple Almost everything has a processor and/or memory chips these days, including keyboards. Apple's keyboards are no exception; they have 8Kb of flash memory, and 256 bytes of RAM. K. Chen has found a way to very easily install keyloggers and other possibly malicious code right inside these Apple keyboards (more here). Proof of concept code is here as well.
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Nope, it doesn't provide that much of real benefit except in cases where you have physical access to the keyboard but the system is secured too tightly to hack into. The keyboard has room for 1000 keystrokes so it'd log your username and password, and as you most likely log in to other services too right after login those credentials would also be stored.

Now, let's say that you've been hired to just clean the floors, wash the windows and such and you do that on the off-hours when no one else is around. You just pop out your netbook, upload the hacked firmware to all nearby machines, finish your job, and then next day download the recorded keystrokes. Voila! You have all the most used usernames and passwords of that company and can do as you please.

Just because you lack the imagination to utilize this doesn't mean it cannot be utilized by someone with more imagination.

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That's why you never let custodians with netbooks or pre-hacked hardware keyboards into your top secret area. Those damn custodians are always swapping out NICs with pre-hacked sniffing NICs, keyboards with hardware keyloggers inside the keyboards, quick cams that spy on your keyboard (or retina!), microphones in your speakers, peep hole cameras in your mouse. They replace your power cord with an ER sensing and recording one to sniff what you type. They dust your fingerprint scanner and make gel fingers. If you ever find a mousepad with a battery and a wifi chip in it, it's probably those damn custodians! Damn ACME "custodians" are always hacking stuff.

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