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OSNews, Generic OSes An eventful little week this was, but mostly because Apple grabbed the spotlight in various different ways. For the rest, we focussed on Microsoft's proposed browser ballot screen, we took a look at KDE 4.3RC3, and Microsoft and Yahoo finally got to do their thing.
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RE: Review...
by flump on Sun 2nd Aug 2009 19:37 UTC in reply to "Review..."
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I agree that Apple should be able to do what they want with their device, but once it's out of their hands it's not their device any longer

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RE[2]: Review...
by juvenile4909 on Sun 2nd Aug 2009 20:08 in reply to "RE: Review..."
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That's where you all are wrong. You buy a device that relies on a service via an App and Store provided by the company. Without the company support it's a throw away of the $600 you spent on it.

Would you buy it ? No. Logically, if they provide a service as they do to make you buy it, then it's common sense that you are leasing it to use the service because it's the only device that can. i dont buy the whole "they should" or " Apple isn't fair".

Anyone complaining about it gets what they deserve and i dont care about the opinions of those wanting to "force" Apple to do something just cuz they dont think it's "fair".

All this press is because ppl forgot they bought a phone first. If it can make a call you got your money's worth. Move On.

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