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Apple I think we just found out why we aren't hearing more stories of exploding and burning iPods. Ken Stanborough had to throw his daughter Ellie's iPod Touch outside, because it got too hot to hold, and he could see vapour. Within 30 seconds, he could see smoke, he heard a pop, and the Touch went 10ft into the air. After contacting Apple, the company denied liability, but offered a refund. However, Apple said that in accepting the money, Stanborough was not allowed to talk about the existence of the agreement - or else Apple would sue him. Update: Apple told Sky News Online that the letter with the gagging order is standard practice.

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RE: Throwing the device?
by Sparrowhawk on Mon 3rd Aug 2009 12:40 UTC in reply to "Throwing the device?"
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This case was from the UK, Liverpool to be precise.

I agree with you that we do not know the full facts of the case and as such we ought not jump to conclusions regarding the iPod itself. However be that as it may, Apple's subsequent bahaviour is truly lamentable. I've been a big Apple fan for many years now, but their behaviour in recent months towards consumers has been shoddy at best.

I think the Big Cheese himself needs to kick a few execs in the derriere and remind them (and himself) just how Apple got popular in the first place. It certainly was not by behaving like this.

Anyone know whether this sort of 'binding' agreement is actually legally binding in English and Welsh law?

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