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Humor Since I think we haven't been having enough fun lately on OSNews, I decided it's time we do something fun for a change. We all have our little pet annoyances when it comes to other people's comments. Fixed expressions or comment styles that annoy the living daylights out of you. Here are mine.
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by jackastor on Tue 4th Aug 2009 16:43 UTC
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Know the difference between your and you're.

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RE: First!
by merkoth on Tue 4th Aug 2009 17:25 in reply to "First!"
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Know the difference between your and you're.

True. Also, most of the internet seems to have forgotten the difference between then and than. Windows doesn't have a bigger marketshare then anything. It probably has a bigger marketshare than OSX or Linux, though.

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RE[2]: First!
by daev on Tue 4th Aug 2009 20:16 in reply to "RE: First!"
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The one that annoys me most often is when people don't correctly differentiate between it's and its.

Your, your; than, then; it's, its - they all sound similar but have totally different meanings. People who make these errors, please take a few seconds to read over what you've just written. Using the correct word will not only prevent you from looking foolish, it will also make it much easier for other people to figure out what your saying.

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RE[2]: First!
by siride on Wed 5th Aug 2009 00:50 in reply to "RE: First!"
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Which is okay in my book because those words were in origin the same, generally have been pronounced the same through history and have often been spelled the same. We get by with just one "when" instead of also have "whan", so why do we need "than"?

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RE[2]: First!
by Nalle on Wed 5th Aug 2009 05:39 in reply to "RE: First!"
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As a Norwegian, I get frustrated when people use all their energy correcting spelling errors and wrong use of then/than and it's/its and such.

We're not native English! We do not necessarily know the difference between then and than - nobody has taught us! That doesn't make us stupid - just uninformed. If the writer is uninformed of the topic, I can understand you reacting. But it's the finer points in English writing and grammar we are bad at (and the spell check do not help us with errors like that), not the topic at hand, and come on! You are smart enough to correct in your mind while reading, aren't you?

Now, what I find annoying is when I read a forum that cannot be threaded and a writer entire comment is:

«@RoundTree: YES!»
Without any quote of RoundTree's comment. Of cause there is a few hundred comments and only ten on each page. Then I have to go backwards and look for the comment made of RoundTree to find out what the writer is shouting YES to. Takes a bit of time that.

Now that's annoying!

Nalle Berg

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RE: First!
by Hands on Wed 5th Aug 2009 03:21 in reply to "First!"
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Try knowing the difference between leery, wary, and weary.

I'm so weary of people being tired.

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RE: First!
by sumone on Thu 6th Aug 2009 10:16 in reply to "First!"
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And the difference between "to" and "too" and "quiet" and "quite"

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