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SuSE, openSUSE SUSE Linux used to be a very KDE-centric distribution. Then Novell came around, bought SUSE and Ximian, and slowely but surely they turned the now-openSUSE distribution into effectively a GNOME-centric distribution with KDE as its sidekick. The openSUSE community, however, doesn't appear to be particularly happy with KDE being a sidekick.
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Mandriva: Best KDE ever
by gnemmi on Tue 4th Aug 2009 23:22 UTC
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Seriously .. why is ppl so obsessed with Kubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE?

Red-Hat never gave a dime for KDE (as they have always relied on GTK/GTK+ given that they didn't have control over Trolltech and Qt development), so why looking there?

Kubuntu is probably the best example of how KDE shouldn't be compiled, packed, implemented and distributed, yet still, it some how manages to set some sort of standar of what "KDE" is.

Novell abandoned KDE to persue the incipient "corporate market" Red-Hat was making inrods with (the very same reason why Canonical went with Gnome for Ubuntu .. Red-Hat depends on it and that guaranteed a big corp was backing Gnome. Or did you think Mark chose Gnome just because ?) and .. come on .. SuSe has always been (and will always be) a behemont distro, KDE or not.

Mandrake/Mandriva was, from day one, a KDE based (even accused of beign KDE "centric") distro and as of today they are the ones who can provide a user with the best possible KDE experience, yet every KDE naysayer bases his/her rants on his/hers experience with KDE on Kubuntu/Fedora/OpenSUSE which are all "KDE is a second class citizen" distros.

Nobody looks at Slackware, wich took they right path a long time ago: pass Gnome on to the community and let them deal with it.

Do you really want to check how KDE is supposed to look, feel and work?

Well then, here you go: Mandriva, PC-BSD or Slackware if you want it out of the box, FreeBSD only if you are serious about it and you know what you are doing.

my 2 cents

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