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Humor Since I think we haven't been having enough fun lately on OSNews, I decided it's time we do something fun for a change. We all have our little pet annoyances when it comes to other people's comments. Fixed expressions or comment styles that annoy the living daylights out of you. Here are mine.
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How do you know it doesn't do real harm?

Reality , the editor have an arsenal , and backup ( other editor and moderators ) at their disposal to get ride of people and comments they don't like , want or consider harmful to themself ...

Beside , you have to be seiously mental to think everyone is gonna agree with you 100% of the time or gonna be liked by 100% of the people on the planet in every subject you discuss.

The editors take enough crap around here

Compared to what ? Most of the insult and crap is not adressed at them at all.

for essentially giving us this website and forum for free

That would be David Adams , Thks David ( work on your Ads , not enough of them ) ...

people think it gives them the right to say insult the editors.

**People** use there real names ...

They think ? No , but they are certainly passionate enough to care to oppose your views , it's when nobody care that you have to worry.

Right ? No , but the possibility is there , again at the Editor and Moderator choice , if you can dish it , you better be prepared to face the consequence of your actions.

you'd think that there would be a bit more gratitude

For every BluenoseJake who say something insulting or stupid there is a multiple thousand Moulinneuf who read and agree with the site and editors and say nothing ...

I'm sick of this sense of entitlement

But yet you feel you entitled more then others and are trampling on others rights on someone else website ...

If your really sick , your lucky enough to live in a country where the citizen value is above making money and have universal healthcare , use it ...

I say grow up

Good , feel better now ?

and if you don't like the site anymore

No , It's one of my favorite site(ssss) , I even like reading your comments , but I don't give up my right to an opposite opinion , view , rant to your's or my right to post because you disagree with me ...

than leave.

Or It's time for you to take a vacation. You take things here too seriously.

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RE: Comment by Moulinneuf
by BluenoseJake on Wed 5th Aug 2009 16:44 in reply to "Comment by Moulinneuf"
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You know, having people disagree with you, and being as ignorant as the OP was is two different things. I think that people deserve a little respect, especially people who put a lot of hard work into a something that they don't get paid for - like this site.

Just like you said, not everyone is going to be in agreement 100% of the time, and I disagree with both him and you. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, people don't have to be so damn rude when expressing it.

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