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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku alpha release has always been a bit elusive. The project has been near the alpha release for a while now, but a number of difficult data-destructive bugs kept it at bay. After an informal coding sprint, the alpha is now just a decision away.
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RE[4]: OpenBeOS / Haiku
by emerson999 on Thu 6th Aug 2009 15:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OpenBeOS / Haiku"
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I was always somewhat under the impression that the point of the initial release was a retro operating system that would be used as a base for something more modern. Are the normal expected things of post 2000 OS going to be in the initial release now, multiuser stuff etc?

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RE[5]: OpenBeOS / Haiku
by stippi on Fri 7th Aug 2009 22:12 in reply to "RE[4]: OpenBeOS / Haiku"
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Full multi-user support is unfortunately not one of the things that will be in Haiku R1, since that will break a lot of stuff. We created new technical foundations where we couldn't bear with how it worked in BeOS, but could still stay compatible (which is an important concern for our first release), for example interface layout management, new icon engine, automatic screen detection, and many more things in the details. But overall, it has helped the project a lot to stay focussed, that we could always say Haiku R1 targets the features of BeOS R5 only, whenever a discussion would otherwise go out of hand. There had been other project to recreate BeOS, which seemed to have a great head start when they would build on the Linux kernel for example. But somehow, those project never gained the necessary momentum to follow through. So it seems that the Haiku founders (I only came to the project at a later time), set things up quite well.

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