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Morphos The team behind MorphOS has just announced the release of MorphOS 2.3 for the PowerPC-based platforms, the Pegasos and the Efika. This new release comes with a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements, but also packs a number of new features.
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MorphOS is...

- fast (beats linux, windows, macos, bsd etc)
- tidy (you know where libs, fonts, tools and utilities is etc)
- instant (programs starts instant. the 4 or 5 seconds you have to wait in macosx etc isnt on morphos)
- configurable (yes, even the end user can change the look, icons and much, much more!)
- programs (aminetradio, titler, owb, songplayer, amigaamp, tvpaint, fxpaint, quake 3, openttd, simplemail, amitradecenter etc... makes morphos great, usefull and fun to use..)
- aminet (one of worlds biggest archives on the net. updated daily)
- community (on, on freenode #morphos +++)

To like MorphOS, you need to like a fast os. An operating system which does what it supposed to do. A nice compliment to daily usage of Windows, MacOSX or Linux/BSD for sure.

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As an OS, I prefer MOS to AOS4.1 . I have both AmigaOS4.1 and MOS 2.3 installed on my OpenDesktop Workstation and have tested both of them extensively. MOS is much faster booting (about 4 seconds) than OS4 (about 40 seconds)and the interface is much snappier, better looking, and more intuitive. It also has the advantage of better USB support. OS4 has the nostalgia factor and looks very much like OS3.x. I'd switch over to MOS completely if not for the lack of some software that I just can't do without, namely, AmiCygnix. If MOS had a modern office suite instead of forcing me to rely on old 68K office software, I'd remove OS4 entirely. Origyn Web Browser (OWB) has progressed by leaps and bounds for MOS, recently adding flash video support. Adding a Google Gears plugin to OWB would be something that would help both AOS and MOS as far as modern office software. I hope my patience will pay off.

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That's one of the biggest problems of operating systems like MorphOS or AmigaOS4: they look like a secret sect.

You must "live" with MorphOS, their forums and IRC channels. If not, you will lost tons of info and looks like being even more inactive. No proper communigation channels in yorm of proper officical sites and lack of news coverage. Even small sects have better ways of spreading "the message" than the amiga-like community.

I'm sorry, but I use IRC rarely and just on a very low number of channels. The days of massive chatting ended for me, I even use instant messaging too few. I prefer to use email for communicating and newsfeeds (RSS, atom...) for informing of stuff I consider interesting. I don't want to be all day in an IRC channel asking or reading, I have tons of other things to do than chatting or visiting forums in an obsessive way. I comment here rarely too, just when I have the enough personal motivation for doing it.

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