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Morphos The team behind MorphOS has just announced the release of MorphOS 2.3 for the PowerPC-based platforms, the Pegasos and the Efika. This new release comes with a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements, but also packs a number of new features.
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RE[2]: Port.
by -ujb- on Sat 8th Aug 2009 16:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Port. "
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Current confirmed schedule for Apple hardware includes support for all G4 Mac Minis only. An experimental port was shown for the G4 Powerbook, but there is no confirmation that the Powerbook will be supported in the foreseeable releases. Support for the iBook would be nice as well, and generally not unlikely but isn't confirmed or shown.
The release for the Mac Mini will probably follow in the not too distant future - my Mini is desperately waiting for it.
In the meantime I tested MorphOS 2.3 on my Efika and it is real fun on that maschine now. It got more stable and faster, also the RAM footprint seems to be a tad tighter.
In general MorphOS is a pretty nice system, but one must be aware that it really is a different system than most OSes out there. It is a home computer OS in a very classic manner. Many ppl will not be happy with it (the server guys and security fantics) and MorphOS will not and should not replace *nix or other server OSes. But in the home computer domain it is IMHO the best OS available. Pretty easy, super fast, very logical, massively customizable.

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