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Linux Hot off the compilation press, Arch Linux comes to its full 2009.08 grandeur with a myriad of new and updated features, including exciting new additions to be utilized in the AIF (Arch Linux Installation Framework) and more, detailed within.
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RE[2]: Congratulations Arch Linux
by lemur2 on Tue 11th Aug 2009 10:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Congratulations Arch Linux"
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Can you go into detail? I'm thinking of moving to Arch, because the rolling release concept fits me better than the traditional way of most other Linux distros with their individual releases every x months.
I'm no newb, but I don't like surprises.

I ran into "updates wouldn't install" during the period that I used Arch.

It wasn't hard to resolve. Shaman (the KDE GUI for Pacman) told me exactly what would have to be removed in order to avoid conflicts. I had to manually remove the indicated library, which in turn meant removing an number of applications that depended on those libraries.

However, trusting that it would work out, I did perform the manual removal, and I was then able to install the application I wanted, and then re-install the removed applications (at later versions themselves). All that it required was that manual first step to be approved, and the situation was then "unlocked" as it were.

A smarter package manager, such as aptitude, is able to work out this type of solution for you, and automatically perform all of the necessary removals of orphaned packages and installations of updated or new dependencies.

However, if you don't mind getting a bit "hands on" in the technical details of the OS, Arch is very good. One just has to accept that every now and then it will be a bit more "mandraulic" than some other distributions are.

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I would not say a "smarter" package manager, more like a auto configuration one. That's the thing about Arch, you configure the system, not the other way around. =)

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