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Linux Hot off the compilation press, Arch Linux comes to its full 2009.08 grandeur with a myriad of new and updated features, including exciting new additions to be utilized in the AIF (Arch Linux Installation Framework) and more, detailed within.
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Ford Prefect
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Thank you for sharing your experience.

You should probably add a bug report for shaman or how it is called. (I always use pacman (or yaourt for AUR packages)).

It is true that you have to do everything manually: edit configs, install nice themes, add users to groups like audio, video, camera. That is part of the Arch principles and probably will never be "fixed". "Polish" is what they actually try to avoid. It was astonishing to me however, that there is actually not that much to edit-most times the defaults work pretty well. A great help for me as an Arch beginner was also the #archlinux IRC channel on freenode. You can ask stupid questions like "my mixer doesn't work!!" there and people will suggest you to check the groups, etc. It made my life a lot easier to not have to figure everything out myself.

I hope you will enjoy Arch as much as I do!

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