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Graphics, User Interfaces Adobe has announced it is dropping PowerPC support from its next version of the Creative Suite for the Mac. "By the time the next version of the Suite ships, the very youngest PPC-based Macs will be roughly four years old. They're still great systems, but if you haven't upgraded your workstation in four years, you're probably not in a rush to upgrade your software, either. Bottom line: Time & resources are finite, and with big transitions underway (going 64-bit-native, switching from Carbon to Cocoa), you want Adobe building for the future, not for the past."
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RE[2]: BS
by fretinator on Thu 13th Aug 2009 18:16 UTC in reply to "RE: BS"
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But this has *always* been Apple's philosophy (with the emphasis on always); not to keep dragging around with legacy stuff.

I'm not a Mac dude (but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express), but I seem to remember the earlier Mac story to be just the opposite. For years, Mac supported a way for people to keep the same Mac and use add-in boards to keep up. I think people could even put PowerPC add-in boards into their 68K Mac. When they finally stopped doing that, leaving no upgrade path for some users, it was quite controversial.

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RE[3]: BS
by Jimbob on Thu 13th Aug 2009 20:28 in reply to "RE[2]: BS"
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May be a little hard to fit a new add-in board into a Ti-Book or any laptop for that matter, but I see your point. I guess if you brought a Mac Pro then you would be able to do that.

Did the LCIII allow and upgrade like that? (I'd kill for an LCIII running OS X).

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RE[3]: BS
by Eddyspeeder on Fri 14th Aug 2009 23:08 in reply to "RE[2]: BS"
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This is really new to me, so thanks for correcting me there, fretinator! ;-)

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