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X11, Window Managers Over the past couple of months, and especially over the past couple of weeks, I've been working very hard to write and complete my thesis. I performed all the work on Windows 7, but now that the thesis is finally done, submitted, and accepted, I installed Ubuntu - and immediately I was reminded of why I do not do any serious work on Linux: the train wreck that is
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What happens here are bad drivers. The X server runs in user-mode but most proprietary drivers work as you notice it, in kernel mode. So may make to freeze your desktop.
When Vista SP1 improves the copy speed, all sites tests the Vista's SP1 copy speed. When Win6.1 improves how it handle the video driver stack, it appears a post about how great an OS handle that issue.
Why don't you put the phrase in that way: I would never recommend Windows to my friends that is still vulnerable on trojans and they have to bear that ugly UAC dialogs all the time!? Linux or OS X still never had that issues, even have 8 years exploits!

The main problem in Linux is the sound stack.
If I would do a review on an AMD system that I have (AMD mainboard, cpu, vide card), I can say that Linux with opensource drivers is way beyond the Ati/Vista64 OS. Vista gives me around 1-2 BSOD daily (yes, like in Win98's presentation).
If you judge cleanly right now Linux have support of OpenGL 3.1 which is comparable with DX10 (not 11 yet), vectorial Postscript graphics (via Cairo), it is interoperable with most networks, it mostly play your movies (if your driver/system combination works, as is with Vista). Comparing Win7 with Fedora 11, for me Linux simply means to cut times in half: the boot times, the shutdown, the application startup. And this on a pretty high end machine (quad, 8G RAM, etc.) And this happens without making so great hype that the Linux is optimized on SSDs (as states Win7) but fails to show this on my machine.
So putting a bad experience to extend with logical fallacy that the video stack is bad, is not either fair nor professional.

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Vista gives me around 1-2 BSOD daily (yes, like in Win98's presentation).

You either have a hardware problem, or there's something very wrong there with your software setup. I regularly use Vista machines that have been running continuously, without a reboot, for weeks. BSOD crashes are usually caused by bad or conflicting drivers (including antivirus/firewall), or by bad hardware such as faulty ram (or even overclocking of course).

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Yes, I really believe that the Vista OS after SP1, but more after SP2 is a sound OS.
But here the talk was as principle: Thom have a buggy driver for it's specific video card. And because of this, he instead writing a bug report, he writes a rant.
Also the video drivers out of kernel space was a feature of Vista+ only, so the context was wrong also, because he put a rant in a context feature against a different architecture with ups and downs. If XServer crash, at least on my machine(s), it will restart automatically. Even applications cannot continue execution, it's an application problem, not an X Server one.
His abrupt state like: I will not recommend to friends Linux (because of Thom's buggy video drivers) is out of context. Is like I would say: I would not recommend Windows as is still vulnerable with trojans, other problems. Do you want a glitch free experience, buy a Samsung NC10 and put Fedora 10 (or F11) on it. All from Flash to Compiz will work flawless. No viruses, the video camera attached works also. I would not say that Vista's or Win7 experience on that Atom machine do not worth to mention, for the sake of restarting the windowing server. Want an almost optimal experience on Linux and Windows, buy a Compaq CQ61 and you will have all devices from Intel or NVidia which are well supported for both platforms. Want a bad experience with Windows, buy a machine as mine. Want a bad experience with Linux? Buy a machine as Thom's

But no rants needed for that...

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