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Opera Software "Opera 10 beta 3 was released Wednesday for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. With a strong European following, the preview version has been able to keep this popular alternative browser competitive by offering page rendering quality comparable to Google Chrome, while offering a robust list of features."
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open it?
by maaxx on Sat 15th Aug 2009 22:33 UTC
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They should just open source the darn thing.

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RE: open it?
by Kochise on Mon 17th Aug 2009 09:59 in reply to "open it?"
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Why open-sourcing everything ? You think Opera's team in unable to deal with the issues ? Why not asking Microsoft to open-source Windows ? China to get a true democraty ? Your neighborhood to leave their doors open for you ? Try to be a little more constructive...


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RE[2]: open it?
by righard on Mon 17th Aug 2009 11:51 in reply to "RE: open it?"
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I, and I think many others, indeed think Opera is unable to overcome there issues. They focus on that what is important for there business and ignore the rest.
That text-to-speech thing for example, you realy think it was still broken if it was open source?

It would indeed be a very good thing if Microsoft where to open-up everything.

A true democratie is not compairable to open source, in a true democratie you only choose what person(s) rule everything for the next couple of years, the power is not with the people, with open source it is.

That neighbour thing it stupid, it's like saying "Why don't we ask the Linux-guys to leave there firewalls open by default."

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RE: open it?
by Anon9 on Mon 17th Aug 2009 14:08 in reply to "open it?"
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One of the things I like about Opera is that it is closed-source. I haven't bought into the open-source philosophy. In general, I have found that the average quality of the closed-source programs I have tried is higher than the average quality of the open-sourced programs.

EDIT: This comment was a knee-jerk reaction. I still think it is true, but I would like to clarify by saying that there are some very high-quality open-source programs out there. I would include LLVM and WebKit as examples of quality open-source software.

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