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Opera Software "Opera 10 beta 3 was released Wednesday for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. With a strong European following, the preview version has been able to keep this popular alternative browser competitive by offering page rendering quality comparable to Google Chrome, while offering a robust list of features."
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RE: Puzzled
by Laurence on Mon 17th Aug 2009 12:03 UTC in reply to "Puzzled"
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I just wondered if I was the only one puzzled by the 'strong European following' comment. I repair and maintain PCs for home users, and have so far never come across one home PC with Opera on it. I'm in the UK, btw.

I don't think your personal experience in fixing computers (as good at the job as you may be) is really a fair statistic for Opera's UK market share.

I'll explain why:
Opera is still very much an "industry secret" so I doubt many PC users who are unable to maintain their own computer, would be the kind of PC users to have heard of (let alone installed) Opera.

If novices were to have installed an alternative to IE, it might be:
* Firefox (because of it's existing market penetration - it's reached "critical mass" where non-techies have started recommending it to their non-techy mates),
* Chrome (due to Google being a household name)
* and Safari (due to it being Apples preferred browser)

Opera, however, neither have a household name backing them nor have "critical mass" as a form of advertising and distribution.

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