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Mozilla & Gecko clones Remember the very detailed proposal Microsoft submitted to the European Commission not too long ago about the browser ballot? This was quite the detailed proposal, covering just about every possible aspect of such a ballot screen. Responses were positive from within the EC, but now it seems that according to the Mozilla Foundation, the proposal is not good enough.
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Indicitave of a large problem
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 19th Aug 2009 17:41 UTC
Bill Shooter of Bul
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I think Mozilla wants it to work like some Linux or *BSD distro's install processes do. Where you select what cron, MTX, and what not you use. There really isn't any corollary in the windows world, which might explain why the ballot is the way it is.

Windows isn't set up to nativity integrate 3rd party apps into its core. That may be why the EU is doing this in the first place. I think MS is being a bit short sided by not doing it the way Mozilla was expecting.

Having an application repo, and configurable, interchangeable parts would add value to the OS and allow it to leap from OS X. It need to realize that its focus for the operating system should be convincing users that its worth the upgrade price, rather than using it to maintain/ or enhance the market share of its other products. Maybe by the time windows 8 is out they'll figure it out. I have hope for them, I really do.

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