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BeOS & Derivatives I had been following the mailing list for the Haiku project the past week with growing interest. The topic of discussion? Why, the alpha release, of course! What needs to be done, who needs to prepare what, and most importantly, what schedule are they going to settle on? Well, after numerous insightful back-and-forths, the community has settled on a schedule.
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RE: Congratulations!
by StephenBeDoper on Thu 20th Aug 2009 02:41 UTC in reply to "Congratulations!"
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The first beta is scheduled to appear in 2020, and the first production released will be out in 2030.

Actually, if anything, the speed of development has been steadily increasing - you can see that just by looking at the OSNews archive of Haiku-related posts in chronological order.

No hard feelings. BeOS was a wonderful OS (tho mostly useless and more than anything else an object of design)

There were things missing, but calling it useless is a large exaggeration.

but nowadays it's some ten years later.

And yet, in all of that time, no OS has surpassed (or even caught up to) BeOS in the aspects that made it compelling to me.

The times are a changing

But, in many instances, those changes have been in Haiku's favour - E.g., the prevalence of multi-core processors and netbooks.

and I see virtually no user base for this OS.

I don't agree - as with the development pace of the OS, every indication I've seen is that the Haiku community has been growing at a steadily-increasing rate.

But even if, hypothetically, no one ends up using Haiku except for the people who developed it, I expect they would still consider it to have been a worthy endeavour.

And I personally dislike the idea that an OS is a failure if it doesn't have a huge userbase. When the number of computer users is in the hundreds of millions (if not billions by now), there's plenty of room to carve out a niche.

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