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Windows Last week we talked about what Linux (well, okay, X) could learn from Windows Vista and Windows 7, focusing on the graphics stack. A short article over at TechWorld lists seven things Windows 7 should learn from the Linux world. Some of them are spot-on, a few are nonsensical, and of course, and I'm sure you have a few to add too.
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I'm sorry for mis-speaking about PowerShell. This entry started from some stuff I said on IRC, and which I extended before I posted it here, but forgot to remove this part.

PowerShell looks interesting, but I was told it tends to be verbose (and so not very effective as a shell), depends on the .NET run-time, and has not been ported to non-Windows platforms. It was also supposed to be part of Vista, but eventually was excluded (along with Avalon, XAML, and most other promising stuff).

A usable shell is not too critical for me as I tend to use it only for interactive use, in which case cygwin should be good enough, and if it becomes overly complex, I tend to convert it to Perl. You may choose Python, Ruby, or whatever instead naturally.

In any case, my criticism of PowerShell does not detract from the rest of my comment, which contains other faults I find in Windows, unrelated to it. So please take the time to read it.

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