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Podcasts What else would we talk about other than the massively [popular|controversial] article about last week. We try and address a number of concerns about the article and common lines of reasoning / misunderstanding. Lastly, we move onto something completely different with topics on Google Chrome on Linux, IE6 and the two details we know about RockMelt: Rock. Melt.
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by akaas on Thu 20th Aug 2009 12:19 UTC
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Well ... I kind of liked this episode. Especially the "X" part was better than the original article. Unfortunately the attitude and maturity of the discussion about the X's issues has been bad from the beginning.

What I'd like to see in OSNews is an interview with a developers and give them change to speak and tell us the facts. Just hearing "X design sucks" / "Intel drivers are crap" etc. from a user's mouth are not too constructive or interesting.

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RE: Feedback
by bralkein on Thu 20th Aug 2009 13:44 in reply to "Feedback"
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Amen. TBH I don't really know that much about the insides of and how it really works. Lots of people come along saying that X sucks and it needs to be rewritten, but then they don't really provide any decent proof of this, they tend to just whinge a bit about the drivers (ditching X would not solve driver problems I think!) and not really back up their claims.

On the other hand though I'm not sure that I believe that all is well in the world of, and that things mightn't be improved with a revolutionary new system. might well have a crufty and rubbish code base worthy only of deletion, but how would I know? I would really like to see an involved discussion take place about making the cases on both sides in enough detail that I can actually establish a strong, informed position either way. Neither side in the X debate really seems to be able to make a clear argument, or not from where I'm standing, anyway.

I'm still annoyed that Thom wrote his original article out of anger, destroying any chance of a decent discussion instead of a degenerate flamewar.

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