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Mozilla & Gecko clones Remember the very detailed proposal Microsoft submitted to the European Commission not too long ago about the browser ballot? This was quite the detailed proposal, covering just about every possible aspect of such a ballot screen. Responses were positive from within the EC, but now it seems that according to the Mozilla Foundation, the proposal is not good enough.
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RE: Comment by merkoth
by wumip on Thu 20th Aug 2009 19:41 UTC in reply to "Comment by merkoth"
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Mozilla should keep doing what it does best: Browsers. This kind of petty politics games won't make Firefox any better and doesn't even seem all that necessary.

What are you saying here? That Mozilla shouldn't care about what goes on in the browser market? That it shouldn't give a damn about the future of the web?

Firefox was able to gain a lot of marketshare in a very short time.

5 years isn't that short. And as Mozilla points out:

"When the only real competition comes from a not for profit open source organization that depends on volunteers for almost half of its work product and nearly all of its marketing and distribution, while more than half a dozen other "traditional" browser vendors with better than I.E. products have had near-zero success encroaching on Microsoft I.E.'s dominance, there's a demonstrable tilt to the playing field. That tilt comes with the distribution channel - default status for the OS bundled Web browser."

Up to a certain point, I can understand this kind of crap from Opera: they seem to be kind of rear-end-hurt because after coming up with pretty much every feature present in today's browsers, they still failed to grab a relevant piece of the desktop market.

Opera has about 3% globally, and closing in on 10% in Europe. They are also the dominant mobile browser, with a 30% market share or so.

I suppose that the next Ubuntu version will also come with a ballot screen right?

Ubuntu didn't break European Competition Law. Microsoft did.

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