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SuSE, openSUSE On August 4 we discussed the possibility of openSUSE defaulting to KDE during the installation routine. This was raised as a feature request within the openSUSE community, and quickly gained the favour of many, become the most popular request. The openSUSE board and variousother leader within the project have discussed the issue, and have decided that yes, from now on, openSUSE will default to KDE during the installation process.
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A Step Forward
by segedunum on Thu 20th Aug 2009 20:14 UTC
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It's been clear for years, even after Novell took over Suse, that KDE was still the most popular Suse desktop certainly as far as what can be measured. The 'enterprise' desktop has clearly become irrelevant because we don't have any figures for it and it's a safe bet that free distributions are doing more for open source desktop usage.

In itself it's not exactly Earth shattering but it will be interesting to see some diversity between a major(ish) distribution and others and what they can do with a default KDE 4 desktop. It's not going to change anything by itself though.

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RE: A Step Forward
by Doc Pain on Thu 20th Aug 2009 21:12 in reply to "A Step Forward"
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With defaulting to KDE, I really hope KDE gets more support for non-english languages, such as the german one. While I always found that openSuSE's Gnome had better German support than KDE, I think this may change. Many Linux distributions do default to KDE, and systems like PC-BSD are fully KDE-centered. This is a good chance to improve in the formal field of language, allthough this might be considered unimportant to the majority of (english speaking) users.

So that could be another step forward.

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