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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y As it turns out, the relationship between Apple and Palm is even less amicable than we already thought it to be. Bloomberg got their hands on communications between Ed Colligan, then-CEO of Palm, and Steve Jobs in which Jobs made a proposal in which the two companies would promise to refrain from hiring each other's employees. Colligan, however, rejected the proposal, calling it wrong and "likely illegal".
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Only in USA
by Karitku on Fri 21st Aug 2009 07:26 UTC
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I frankly believe this would be only possible in USA. In europe unions wouldn't allow this kind a behavior and quite frankly it makes me sick also. I really hope DoJ fines Apple for clear sign of been ring leader but also Google and other company that took part of such a disgusting scheme. And this from man who thinks socialists are bunch a communists and green party bunch a tree hugging communists.

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RE: Only in USA
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 21st Aug 2009 14:55 in reply to "Only in USA"
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What? The Palm Ceo was right, it is illegal to do that in the United states. As far as I know, its possible to do illegal things in any country, so far as the illegal act is physically possible and there are laws against it.

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RE[2]: Only in USA
by mabhatter on Fri 21st Aug 2009 16:39 in reply to "RE: Only in USA"
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no, it's not illegal at all. I've worked at several companies that won't hire from business partners or competition... it's considered un-sportsman like.

The vast majority of business is more like sports than like "war". While industries over all are "pure capitalism" there are pockets where a bunch of related companies settle down. Just like in sports, playoffs are only interesting if teams are evenly matched.. imagine if somebody could "buy their team" in the middle of the playoffs and get the other teams playbook too (we have salary caps to deal with that!). Sports wouldn't be "fun" then.

I the same way Jobs could personally sue each employee that leaves for any feature in Pre that "looks like" an iPhone feature.. heck they could be sued for having the Apple internal phone directory after leaving they're using to call their buddies. They can dig in the dirt and accuse their employees of cheating and make a nasty workplace, or the bosses can agree to get their teams elsewhere and avoid appearance of spying on each other.

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